After what seemed like an immeasurable wait, I finally got my UPS delivery, and the Apple Watch is now in hand. Unfortunately, I only received one of the two watches that I purchased—a 38mm Apple Watch Sport with a white band. I’m not complaining though, at least I got something on launch day. Watch our […]

The battery inside the Apple Watch will retain up to eighty percent of its original capacity at a full one-thousand charge cycles before its capacity starts depleting further, as revealed on the Batteries section of Apple’s website. In terms of daily use, the battery of any Apple Watch model will last up to eighteen hours based on […]

The Apple Watch officially goes on sale today, and if you happen to be one of the lucky ones picking one up (or having one delivered to you), you may be wondering what kind of accessories are available for it. Unfortunately, as with most major product launches, the choices are limited. But that doesn’t mean there […]

If you’re one of the lucky few that were able to get their Apple Watch pre-ordered within the first few minutes, there’s a good chance that your wearable will arrive in the mail today. And after going through all of the stock apps and settings, there may come a time when you think to yourself “ok, now […]

It’s officially Apple Watch launch day, and Apple has already started celebrating by debuting 3 new advertisements for the wearable. On its YouTube channel, the company posted new videos entitled ‘Rise,’ ‘Up’ and ‘Us,’ respectively. The ads are a major departure from the ‘Reimagined‘ commercial Apple has been playing since March. Each one focuses on a […]